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Full Version: Our team's internal game jam
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Hey, I'm a member of a portuguese team called Titan Forged Games. We are developing two games during this week because of a game jam we decided to make.

The first game is a qwop-like mecha-based game: Project Poultron

The second is a platform in which you use a boomerang to toss and slingshot yourself into the air: Project Slink/Boomerang

We also have devblogs with our progress in case anyone is interested (and hopefully you are Wink):
Holy smokes is it a challenge to get that walker moving! Blowing up the tank was satisfying.
yeah Rasp what did you think of the project boomerang game?
Can't figure out the controls. All it seems to do is throw. Not much to go on.
Really? hmm, we'll need to revise the controls then... anyways, you can move with the "a" and "d" keys or the left/right arrows keys. You can throw the boomerang with the left mouse/left shift and jump with the space key. When you are throwing the boomerang, if you keep the throw key held and press jump, you will do the slingshot. If you press the throw key when the boomerang is returning to you, you will do a rebound.
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