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Full Version: Network game: how to handle turn game (like ruzzle management)
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i'm wondering how to handle matches like do ruzzle:
one player can play the game and the other can play it too, while all two player haven't finished, i can't go to the second...
GKTurnBasedMatch can't be because only one player at a time can make his move...
should i have a separate server that stores the game, or i can use some other apple api? thanks
Instead a of a turn-based game, you want a real-time game. Both players are connect to each other and play at the same time.

Read the "Matchmaking Overview" and "Real-Time Matches" pages (available in the left sidebar).
but if a player accept to play, then disconnects...
in ruzzle the other player can play and can wait for days the answer of the opposer.
it is possible with real-ime match? or if he disconnects the play ends?
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