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Full Version: Astrogolf - [WIP] Unity Mobile Game
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This is a project I have been working on with some peoples, wanted to show off some work. It's still in progress and will show some models, but here's some paintings by our concept artist to start.

Find all the references in this one!
[Image: 9A8hUj7.jpg]

Concepts for the character you will be playing
[Image: 9wqQTff.jpg]
[Image: nAuuNtB.jpg]

Another concept and reference for details
[Image: j3PcnoA.jpg]
[Image: 9O7gx7u.jpg]
Nice concept art. Keep us posted!
Wow! Very impressive - will it be a 3D game, or will you be using 2D artwork?
It will be a full 3d game.
Here's some work on the ball character, actually the robot is the golf ball! and then you shoot him by pulling back with your finger. no club required

[Image: Hh4Dzxh.jpg]

[Image: WUaPisD.jpg]

[Image: s9W6Yzu.jpg]
Modular piece number one. More to come.

[Image: eOvBcSa.jpg]
Cool robot. thanks for sharing the concept and progress...
Making some mods to snap together.
-The ratios of these wall mods are half the width of the next. IF you keep these ratios and stick to right angles, all the rooms will snap together nicely.
[Image: oLbKdob.gif]

With some small texture and mesh changes you can get a large variety of walls. As long as the total units match per side of the room, you are good to go!

[Image: FM15Jz4.gif]
Completed assets!
[Image: 44fRZUA.jpg]

[Image: YH6qtwU.jpg]

[Image: TcWXo9l.jpg]

[Image: rCLRLkS.jpg]

[Image: dUBAXbZ.jpg]

[Image: JQx5joi.jpg]

[Image: M8sdu1F.jpg]
Level shots!
[Image: p2l9nnd.jpg]

[Image: n6FbaYe.jpg]
Looking good. Seems odd to be a golf game (looking forward to gameplay videos) but it looks nice.
Ya we are going wierd with it. Sci fi is just plain fun. Another level.

[Image: WGlobBy.jpg]

[Image: Y1ASa0E.jpg]
This is great. I want to play

Pat Jacobs
Astrogolf has been released on the iTunes app store!!!

Release Trailer
[url=""]Astro Golf by Bolder Games! Available in App Store 2/20! - YouTube[/url]

[Image: jGi7GYO.jpg]
Holy crap, that trailer is amazing. Very well done. I'm curious about who made it and how it was made it.
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