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Full Version: Joan Mad Run - bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers
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[Image: start_1x_iphone.gif]

Hi, everyone!

We've got some fresh news on our project Joan Mad Run, so I decided to share them with you to know your opinion.

At first we were planning to make the game for iOS only. And I should say that this mission is almost complete - 90 % is ready. However, while we were sharing our progress with everyone, quite a number of people got really excited. And we got many requests to make the game for other platforms too. And so we decided to make an Android version and we also try our luck at Steam Greenlight at the moment. So please read the story, watch the video and if you like what you see, please support us! Each vote is priceless for us!

About Joan Mad Run

Joan Mad Run is a pixel-art gory fight-to-the-death run’n’gun, that takes your enemies straight to hell. Literally.

Imagine that you wake up in a ward don't know why you are here, you can't tell who you are...but the only thing you are certain of is that you have to get out to find out the truth. Even if that means destroying everything on your way.

When there is noone you can trust, you can trust your guns. Luckily, you will have plenty. So you get an amazing chance to satisfy your bloodlust by burning your enemies alive, melting them with acid, chopping them and watching their blood spurt like geyser, striking them with lightning, exploding them, squeezing them like bugs or sending them directly to the blazing inferno.

[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 268x268.resizedimage]

You will have to be hell dexterous, avoid deadly traps, fight with callous enemies and grisly bosses:

[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]

Besides weapons you will have mighty power-ups, that will make your struggle much more inspiring. Watch the Ultra Boost and Bloodlust power-ups:

[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]
[Image: 637x358.resizedimage]

What do you, guys, think? Please let us know - your opinion really matters!
The art is great.

A bunch more screenshots and a video:
Dear Friends!

We are working on guns right now, so we'd love to know your opinion!

We always try to think about even tiniest details, so we focused our attention on weapons' effects. Unlike in other games of the kind, each Joan's weapon kills bosses in a special and different way. You may see that at the screenshots:

Katana cuts enemies into several pieces:
[Image: katana.png]

[Image: katana.png]

AK-47 speaks for itself:
[Image: machinegun.png]

[Image: machinegun.png]

Laser kills everyone in your way with its ray:
[Image: laser.png]

[Image: laser.png]

Superevil laser flare passes through all levels and slices your enemies in 2 parts:
[Image: laser_ba86.png]

[Image: laser_up.png]

Freezegun freezes the enemies and makes them fall apart like glass:
[Image: freezegun.png]

[Image: freezegun.png]

We still have much to do, so we really need your opinion! Your ideas about the weapons are heartly welcome. And just anything you have to say or ask. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
I agree with SethWillits, the art is great.
(Sep 8, 2013 07:49 PM)Ben3d Wrote: [ -> ]I agree with SethWillits, the art is great.

Thanks Smile
Excited to see this in action!
(Sep 9, 2013 10:56 PM)funkboy Wrote: [ -> ]Excited to see this in action!

Thanks Grin
We still have much to do, but it's really nice to know that people already like it.
Guys, here's a new portion of merciless weapons for Joan. They are much more sophisticated and cruel than the previous ones. Hope you'll like them:

Lightning cannon. Strikes enemies with a lightning, chaining them and turning into ashes. I personally really like this one. Think that looks impressive. And what do you think?

[Image: Shop_Odins_shot.png]

[Image: Screen_lightinggun-1.png]

When upgraded it creates a really spectacular ball lightning that clears the path for Joan:
[Image: Screen_lightinggun_up-1.png]

Microwave gun. Like it when it's hot?
[Image: Shop_microwavegun_zz.png]

[Image: Screen_microwave-1.png]

Imp gun. Creates a black hole that pulls all your enemies right into hell, sucking out their souls and blood:
[Image: Shop_impgun.png]

[Image: Screen_satanic-1.png]

Resizer. This is my fave by now!
[Image: Shop_resizer.png]

[Image: Screen_reducer_up.png]

Which one would you like to try most? Maybe you have some fresh ideas of new weapons? Please share them with us!
The art is pretty awesome, man. Very Super-Nes-ish and very detailed. Just from looking at the weapons the gameplay has to be fun!

(Sep 30, 2013 03:25 PM)musicbender Wrote: [ -> ]The art is pretty awesome, man. Very Super-Nes-ish and very detailed. Just from looking at the weapons the gameplay has to be fun!

Thanks! Smile
Hey there!

Some more weapons are coming. I would really like to know your opinion. Which one do you find the cruelest? Which one would you choose to punish your enemies? Please let me know in the comments!

Acid gun. I find this one really cruel, as the death will definitely be painful. The weapon strikes with acid that melts your enemies. When upgraded it spawns headcrabs that spit acid all over the level:
[Image: Shop_acidgun_lv_426.png]

[Image: Screen_acidgun_up-1.png]

Mono-molecular wire. This is a whip-like laser weapon that lashes out and slices up your enemies:
[Image: Shop_Monomol.png]

[Image: Screen_monomol-1.png]

When upgraded it creates a huge laser net which turns your enemies into a hill of minced meat:
[Image: Screen_monomol_up-1.png]

Circular saw. Brutality itself. When upgraded it strikes with flying discs:
[Image: Shop_circularsaw_cp.png]

[Image: Screen_chainsaw_up-1.png]

You've already seen the Resizer. And here comes the Reducer with an opposite effect. It makes your enemies small like bugs, so Joan can simply step on and squeeze them:
[Image: Shop_reducer.png]

[Image: Screen_reducer.png]

And how would you torture your enemies? Rolleyes
Guys, we've got some news on the project, so I updated the initial post. Please have a look and let me know your opinion. Thanks! Grin
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