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Full Version: Zombie Combat - New game need some advices
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Hi everyone,

We have started building a new game for 5 months. The game is almost done and we are now completing the final bits of the backend management and the testing process. Our game is kinda a sort of Runner and Action game which featuring funny but adventurous battles.

Key features:
+ 5 stages
+ 6 types of weapons
+ 10 types of zombie
+ lovely pets and so many traps...
+ special 5 big bosses at the end of each stage

Would you mind sharing your suggestion and advice with us on how to best market this games in terms of:
1. Which are good channels for our marketing: Facebook, adword...?
2. Where else could we post this game besides Google play and Apple store?
3. Which are the best software and website services to make trainer game?
We also seek for building our cooperationn with some geeks having good plans to promote this game.

Finally, we are updating progress of this game regularly at You can support us and get updated by subscribing this fanpage with a Like.
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