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Full Version: 2D Artist Available for Looking Work
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I'm Emily and I'm currently available for commissions/contract work, small or part-time. I specialize in 2D graphics, including animated characters, in-game graphics and concept art.

For samples of my game graphics, please visit:

If you feel that my style of art is suitable for your project, please feel free to contact me at:

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration. I hope you enjoy my work Smile

[Image: emilyso_goingappmobileGAMEdinoriderz1.png]

[Image: emilyso_goingappmobileGAMEPLAY_MOCKUP_cu...arine1.png]

[Image: walkcycle.gif][Image: sharkfinaltest5scaled.gif][Image: fat_zombie_dance.gif][Image: tricerrider.gif]

[Image: cave_jungle_encounter_public.png]

[Image: 12042012completescaled.png]

[Image: DWARFPARTY_3scaled11.png]

I'm available for work again (paid only) Smile

Please feel free to contact me at

Here's a piece I did for Queen at Arms, a visual novel game (I did the character art, a team-mate did the background art):

[Image: kick_icon_image_05.png?w=640&h=480]

And here is a page of a graphic novel I'm working on, Dinnersaurus Rex:

[Image: dsr_pg11s.png?w=640&h=827]
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