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Full Version: An Indie-Friendly Artist (2d / 3d / UI)
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Good Morning, Folks!

My name is Moss, I'm a freelance 2d / 3d / UI artist, primary working on concept art. Some of my works (click to enlarge):
[Image: 0001_1_render_1_mn_640.png]

More on my WebPage or DeviantArt.

If you like it, feel free to contact me via the mail:
[Image: mail_2.png]

Also, I make some music, so if you are searching for a composer for your project check out my portfolio.

Thank you for the attention!
[Image: 0004_mn_640.png]
[Image: 640_tbos_steampunk_rifle_0008_6_fin_2.png]
[Image: 640_medieval_fantasy_building_3d_low_pol..._wip_3.png]
[Image: 640_steampunk_mine_unity_3d_0002_3.png]
[Image: 0007_wip_1_wizard_woman_400.png]
[Image: 0005_tbos_characters_3_3_640.png]
[Image: 0002_wip_17_fin_tbos_concept_3_mn_640.png]
[Image: 640_fantasy_wizard_girl_preview.png]
[Image: 0007_fin_1_640.png]
Available for work again.

[Image: 0001_neo2_fin_2_fx1_sign_1440-640x863.png]

[Image: zeppelin_render1-640x360.png]
[Image: hangar_render_6_fx21-640x306.png]
Available for work again.

[Image: airplane_3_m_render_01-640x360.png]
[Image: warland_logo_f-640x360.png]
[Image: warland_animated_illustration_with_gui-640x380.png]
[Image: warland_crosshairs-640x320.png]
[Image: 0002_fin-640x925.png]
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