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Hello everyone,

My employer, Rosetta Stone, is sponsoring a Game Jam this summer:

Participants will compete to build a game in 48 hours over the weekend of July 17th - 19th, 2009. The first place prize includes a MacBook Pro, 30-inch Cinema Display, three levels of Rosetta Stone software, and your game published on a Rosetta Stone webpage. Second place prizes include $500 and three levels of Rosetta Stone software. The event takes place in our office in Harrisonburg, VA. See the link above for more information.
Two things:
1. Do we actually need to be at the physical location?
2. I am so in, and will join any sort of team that is formed on this forum, or anywhere else for that matter, in any capacity, as long as I don't actively dislike the team members. As you guys know, I can produce code, art, and music very quickly. I am capable of avoiding sleep. Unfortunately, to make this work, I would have to avoid making any games between now and July to ensure that I can keep momentum for the whole weekend.
I got some responses from the email contact:
- Yes, we need to actually go to VA
- They can reimburse travel expenses
- Games should "teach the user something"
Are we staying at their building or do we need to find our own "housing"?
Oh man oh man.... *checks calendar*.... that's the day before I go on vacation.

Aww, wait... we have to be there. I get it. It's a recruitment tool. Rasp

Do they pay for transatlantic travel expenses too? Smile
EvolPenguin Wrote:Are we staying at their building or do we need to find our own "housing"?

You'd probably be staying at the office or in adjacent housing the whole time. If not, I could always put you up at my house, which is a short walk away. Grin

FreakSoftware Wrote:Aww, wait... we have to be there. I get it. It's a recruitment tool. Rasp

That's undoubtedly part of it, but I'm not sure it's the entire goal. From when I understand, there's also a PR component of it that won't necessarily require participants to be potential job applicants.
DoG Wrote:Do they pay for transatlantic travel expenses too? Smile

Never hurts to ask! Smile
Well, it sounds fun. The prizes are quite surprisingly nice. (Like I've always said, it's the cookie at the end of the tunnel that makes me want to compete.)

But, I don't think I can fly all the way across the country for two days for a contest, and then fly back and go on vacation the next day. Sad

Plus I wouldn't be able to be on Alex's non-existent-because-he's-an-employee team Sad
Awww, rules state its for US residents only. I guess they don't wanna play the H-1B game Smile
There is now one iDG team: me, Kyle (CarbonX), and my friend Tim. We'll be using Python. (No, I didn't have to club them over the head to get that one. Smile ) Would anyone else like to join?

It's very likely that someone will be mostly responsible for tools, art, and music, and the others will code. Right now, we could probably use that person the most, rather than coders, but I don't think we're picky.
diordna Wrote:There is now one iDG team: me, Kyle (CarbonX), and my friend Tim.

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you guys! Grin

Also, I forwarded a link to this thread and a summary of the feedback I've heard about the contest so far to the person organizing it. She tells me there will be a new revision of the rules posted to the site this Tuesday to clarify some of the things that weren't clear enough in the current language, so look for it then.
I just ensnared Will Hogben, so now we are four! We hope to make a practice game between now and July. I'll keep you posted.
Posted to the front page.
I have just been informed that the contest is being pushed back to January. I think most of us are still going, though.
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