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Full Version: Liman textures vol.1 "Solid walls"
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[Image: textures_vol1_show.jpg]

Dear friends,
we are glad to introduce to you our brand new texture collection Liman textures vol.1 "Solid walls".

Textures vol.1 "Solid walls" is a collection of 100 high resolution images of seamlessly tileable textures. This texture collection is related to solid stone and concrete surfaces. All textures have been crafted from original photography and made seamlessly tileable by hand. The textures would suit any environments that contain strong and solid elements. The textures are also crafted in a way to not constantly bring repeating details to the user's attention when tiled.

Each texture has its own unique bump, specular and normal maps comprising of exactly 400 texture maps.

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Looks cool, but why is the license per seat, and why does it only let you make a single backup of the files?

Seems rather restrictive to me...
these textures like many other software products are per seat. Companies and studios who have 5, 10 or more artists need to buy a license for all of them if all of them use it. We have provided very nice discounts for that needs.
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