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Full Version: CoffeeShark - Your #1 Provider in Music, Graphics, Translation and more!
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NEW as of the 8th of January 2008:
FREE downloadable 3D models and more at our Downloads page !

Team name:
[Image: Coffeeshark01.jpg]

Project name:
Several. But time enough to do more.

Brief description:
We are a group of artists, composers who do high quality art and music, with quick and personal service, for a small price. We can do anything you desire!


Photoshoppers - Available for Hire
We can visualize anything you can think of!
scroll down for examples

Spriters - Available for Hire
Pixel per pixel beauty
scroll down for examples

3D Modelers - Available for Hire
From simple fast low poly models to high poly perfection
scroll down for examples

Composers - Available for Hire
A truly succesful game needs good music and soundeffects. That's where we come in!
scroll down for more info & 7 minute demo track

Concept Artists - Available for Hire
Let our imagination work for you!
scroll down for examples

Translators - Available for Hire
Professional translation.

We can translate anything from and to the following languages:
Norwegian (both bokmaal and nynorsk)
Spanish (castellano)

For only € 0.02 per word! (That's only 0.03 USD per word!)
( To conver to other currencies please visit our friends at )

Why CoffeeShark?
-Low pricing
-High quality
-We work fast
-We won't stop until you're satisfied with the requested items
-We accept PayPal
-We will help you promote and advertise your project for free

How way we work:
Here's a very basic overview of the way we work.
-A request is made for us to do graphics/music
-The needed graphics/music are discussed, and payment negotiated
-A contract is built up, signed, sent to the client (by email) and sent back to us with a signature
-The requested graphics and/or music are/is made
-When the client is pleased, payment is done (prefferably through PayPal due to it being fast, easy and international) and all files are sent to the client

After this we will also assist you in advertising and promoting the project!


We also have a forum:

Contact Options:
You can contact me in loads of ways.
AIM : MorphCoffeeShark (i'm not on here much, PM me so i know you'll be there)
MSN : Morph.666[takethisout]@hot[takethisout]
Email : Adress above and info[takethisout]@coff[takethisout]
You can also PM me here, i check my messages frequently.
And of course you can reply to this topic Smile Please also reply here if you've sent me a pm, just to make sure.

Team Structure:
-Owner & Spriter
---Lead Graphics Designer
----3D Modelers
----Concept Artists
---Lead Composer

Previous Work by Team:

For examples of our work please visit the Gallery on our website HERE


With our great selection of musical instruments and our professional studio equipment we can create the perfect musical experience and sound effects for your projects!
Want a demo? We've got one! Click HERE for a multi-genre, over 7 minute demo track!

Additional Info:
Contact me with a list of needs for a price quote.
Any questions? I'll be happy to answer them Smile
Cool, good to see some more opportunity.


Thank you for the positive reply Smile Let me know if you need our services! Smile



We now also offer completely FREE 3D models on our website. Check out our downloads page!

Since people on here use Mac, and this is new to us, please let us know if you can work with the provided filetypes. If not, we will make sure there will be Mac compatible versions uploaded within a week!!

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