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Full Version: Tutorial to Design Walking Isometric Avatars
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Maybe this new tutorial is of interest for the community. The goal is, that in the end you should be able to draw walking isometric avatars like the one shown here (well better, actually, if you are an artist - I am none):

[Image: wia_fig18_a1.gif]

The tutorial can be found on

Enjoy reading (beware, it's comprehensive) Smile
Fantastic! I was having real trouble trying to make a character which didnt look like somthing out of the ministry of silly walks, ill have to try this tutorial. thanks!


Thank you, unknown Smile

Don't forget to tell me when you make a nice avatar Smile
There seems to be a lot of science behind the tutorial - very good. While angled towards RPG and Sims type games, I think it would also apply to sprite design in general and not just isometric characters.
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