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Full Version: 3D Art - AAA Quality - INDIE FRIENDLY Price
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My name is Anush Tehrani and I live in the UK, I'm freelance 3D artist since 2007 .

My prices are INDIE FRIENDLY!

Online Portfolio :


I worked for some game development teams/companies such as LukeWarm Media, Interceptor Entertainment, and HollowFear .

"Primal Carnage" is the first AAA published video game title from "Lukewarm Media" which I involved as 3D Artist, for more info please visit their website and others :

I've also published some tutorials :

And got 3 awards in CGarena.

For more info or a copy of my CV please feel free to contact me : blue_shay AT hotmail DOT com

Some of my works :

[Image: resample(lanczos).jpeg]

[Image: 780x1215.jpeg]
[Image: 780x412.jpeg]
[Image: 780x1029.jpeg]
[Image: 780x588.jpeg]
[Image: 552x1872.jpeg]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=63828&d=1376523713]
[Image: 780x1025.jpeg]
First post updates .

Happy new year.

Please check my portfolio and resume and if you were interest , email me back :

Kind Regards
Website updated.
Love your work!
Thanks, love your site and forums too Smile
Hi, this is my latest work, if you are looking for quality models with fair price, don't hesitate to contact me :

[Image: 11.jpg]

Here is a new character from me, if you also need a character, don't hesitate to contact me at blue_shay AT hotmail DOT com.


[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=23100&d=1312139238]
Nice Shay, your work is great!
Moved to UK and seeking job, feel free to email me .

I live in Derby (UK) and I urgently need freelance OR onsite job, related to my profession, please check my online portfolio and game assets album website :

Feel free to contact me by PM here or email at : blue_shay AT

[Image: 11.jpg]
[Image: xo4rvyliqm3dvwtnuxu9.jpg]
[Image: x94o75cgzui1b3rv61fxy.jpg]
[Image: Assets-002-002.jpg]
[Image: Assets-003-003.jpg]
[Image: Assets-007-007.jpg]
[Image: More-004-004.jpg]
Post Updated
Portfolio Updated .
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