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Full Version: (Probably silly) OpenGL/XCode question
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Howdy folks.. this is probably a silly question but its got me stumped..

I am new to Carbon/OpenGL/XCode, but know C/C++ pretty well (at least - I hope I do, Im employed as a C programmer)

I am following the NeHe tutorials, using the base Carbon Application as a template (thats been mostly hacked out).

I have both OpenGL and GLUT included in the Frameworks and Libraries section of XCode.

I managed to get a window to display, that went fine. When I went to draw things (triangles and quads), I get the following linking error (with ZeroLink turned on the error occurs at runtime rather than link time)

Undefined symbols: _glvertex3f

I'm sure its just something silly I have missed.. anyone have any advice?
glVertex3f(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);


urghh.. typo - thanks. *feels stupid*
remember to check the headers for the actual functions, and if you want to know what one does you can always type "man glVertex3f" in the Terminal.
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