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Full Version: Collision response with Verlet Integration
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My new motorcycle game is based off this article about Verlet integration. I have the terrain collision detection working perfect, because it just attaches each of the 2 points on the motorcycle to itself. This works fine for the terrain, BUT for things like buildings it won't work, because when you hit the thing at full speed head on you come to an almost complete stop parallel to the wall.

How is this done correctly? When a ball hits a plane, what is the correct method to bounce the ball back off of the wall? I have tried getting it to work for about 2:30 hours and I came pretty close, but it never worked correctly all of the time.
I just ended up faking the "past" position, reflecting it in the surface that the collision is in.

You can find the math for reflections in lines or planes on
Thanks, it appears my problem was using the another points position instead of the previous position of the current point!
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