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Full Version: Is this possible?? Where is it?? THE GAME
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Who Needs A Story?!

-Complete Massive persistent physical universe with real citys, laws, rules, standards, ethics and morals. They are yours to shatter.

-Compete in breathtaking, "no boundary" environments that showcase seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments.

-Immerse yourself in massive, breathtaking worlds that are tormented by weather conditions (rain, snow, fog and lightning) and
environmental elements (lava, lightning, meteor showers, etc.).

-Day and night cycles -watch the sun rise!

-Explore a Fully Interactive "Living" World - Interact with the planets' freely roaming wildlife. Sophisticated physics models support a whole range of tracked, hovering, and walking, in addition to realistic environmental effects. Seamless space and planetary worlds.

-Advance positions and gather intelligence with vehicles, including a Turbograv cycle, Assualt Tank with gunner station, 3 person Bomber and 6 person APC.

-Play modes include space and planetary flight, vehicles and first-person space and planetary combat.

-Complete Control Over Battlefield area in your control - Command unique types of troops , including tanks, infantry, air support and mobile assault turrets. -including squad commands -- allow you to more intuitively manage resources, execute full-scale attacks and identify strategic locations without missing a second of the hard-driving action.

-Player unit selections include carriers,cruisers, transports, fighters, gunships and ground vehicles
seamless ground/air mode planetary terrain engine.

- Lose your vehicle in the heat of battle, bail out, parachute to safety, and call for someone to pick you up. Customize or switch vehicles right on the battlefield!

-Organized police forces including cops, SWAT Teams, FBI, and the Army work strategically to keep Citys somewhat safe.

-You can roam all areas as you progress.

-You can cruise the streets like a respectable citizen, or floor it like you're playing Gran Turismo!

- Multiple views.

-Boats - you can steal a police boat with forward-firing guns, or take any boat or catch the subway train.

-Mugging people - beat them up and take their money or weapons!

-Driving through windows.

-You can be the good guy and be an ambulance driver and deliver sick people to hospital, in a fire engine you can go around putting out fires, or go and build a space cruiser or a mobile base unit to start your own city, why not put the mobile base on the cruiser and steal the fire engine and go back to your own planet.. but look out for the cops! both terran and interstella!

-When a vehicle explodes, you can push the wheels around - the parts are still interactive.

-Multiplayer - Different people can have different roles - builder, defenders, attackers, etc - and communicate with each other quickly and easily through the integrated command interface.

-Change the role of your player as well as the strategies and tactics employed by your team in real time.

-Recruit members, coordinate activities and share mods/maps within the client via voice and text chat, email, instant messaging, message forums, news, and web browsing.

-Feel weapon recoil, explosions, jetpack thrust, and much more.

-Explore and pillage space stations or just land to build, trade, destroy, capture, defend the station etc and planetary bases.

-Choose from castes including raider, trader, military and many more.

-Fleet C&C of human and NPC forces.

-Full blown inventory management.

-First person class-base combat as various job types including space marine!

-Gear, incl jetpack, sniper rifle etc

-Fatigue and Life factor modeling in first person. Running too long and get tired, take too much injury and die if no medic attention etc

-Grab a craft and fly to another planet, take it over, start mining it and build a city hey why not build an army and take over a universe! or just go and find a nice hill and watch a war under a rising sun just before you start your taxi job!

This Game? what is it? does it exist!! What im trying to show is that we already have some of the most amazing games ever circulating and the only thing there actually missing in game play is..... eachother.. need to start designing software engins that combine 3d based games for the above game 4 were used an engine that pulls the games together and binds there elements and there out puts. The perfect game does exist and all the bits are aready waiting to be put together..
Above Game 'Componants' BattleZone2, BattleCruiserMillenium, GTA3, Tribes2. They are all getting better and better every year but isolated as they go down there seperate styles, they should be 1 GAME that you play when you dont know what to play.... you could be anything today..
I hate to burst your bubble, but there are reasons these things don't all exist within the same game.

For a start, games that only do a couple of these things are pushing the limits of the hardware today. Putting them all into one game just isn't feasible today.

For another, the sheer number of game assets required would blow any development budget. With the kind of variety and interactivity you're proposing, the team would have to develop probably several terabytes of models, textures, sounds, ai scripts and physics behaviors.

Then, even supposing the hardware were fast enough and the assets created, you're still running into the limitations of simulation techniques. For example, there's nothing to stop someone destroying every car in the city and piling all the wheels into one small alley. There comes a point where every physics engine I've seen will fail, and odd things begin to happen, like spontaneous explosions of wheel piles Smile

Lastly of course, there would be no game. There is value in open-ended play, but ultimately some direction seems necessary. The burden of creating enough quests, enough interesting NPCs, &c to support a massive community in such a game for any length of time would force an exorbitant subscription fee for playing.

I think eventually we will get somewhere close to where you're going with this, but I don't think we're talking about the near future. In particular, interesting NPCs will continue to be a sticking point long beyond the rest of your suggestions -- and perhaps by the time we can create realistic artificial humans we won't be interested in games like this one any more Wink

When I first read your post I thought "Oh man, not another guy who doesn't have a clue how hard game programming is and believes he has a novel idea for an impossible game" and perhaps that does describe you Wink, but I think that there's still an interesting discussion to be had here -- as you say, most of this stuff has been done already. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic Smile
I didn't read all of that first post, (just woke up), let me just say, make 10 games from the concept not one. One game could be market failure, 10 games have a better shot at making the grade and the paycheck.
From a design perspective, getting all these systems to work together would be a nightmare. MMOG's have horrid balance issues already, even with a small fraction of these systems implemented.

For instance, how are you going to balance the combat systems with the regular life stuff? Why in the world would I be a taxi driver if I'm just going to get blasted by some chump who decided to get good with a sniper rifle? Hell, why in the world would I just get good with a sniper rifle if I can command an entire fleet of battlecruisers and blast about 1500 taxi drivers per second?

Is there some sort of level/skill system? If not, what's to stop any newbie on their one-month trial subscription from grabbing that armada and wiping out half the planet (approx. several million taxi drivers who have been playing for years)? And if so, how do the levels/skills increase? This is another whole balance nightmare by itself.

The problem is that this idea combines so many genres of game, all with different levels of destruction. I can see the typical MMORPG experience, laced with Halo, Starcraft, SimCity, GTA Vice City and Gran Turismo all glued together with a very ambitious physics engine. The level of destruction of Starcraft makes any achievement in the MMORPG/FPS aspects of the game completely moot, and un-fun. And if I can't destroy entire cities with a few mouse clicks, then the RTS aspect of the game becomes moot and un-fun.

I agree with iGame3D- you can split this idea up into about a dozen fun games all with more realistic budgets.
Other than Crazy Taxi, I usually have no urge to be a virtual cabbie.
Taxi-Cab Confessions: MMORPG. Wherein people log on to tell other people their darket secrets, or just to throw up after a night of hard partying, or get a quick lift to the local whorehouse/crackhouse.
igame3d Wrote:Taxi-Cab Confessions: MMORPG. Wherein people log on to tell other people their darket secrets, or just to throw up after a night of hard partying, or get a quick lift to the local whorehouse/crackhouse.
I'd play it


Somewhere I read a preview of an mmorpg like that.

They said It was quite crappy.
oooh, a game that pits you as a cab driver might be fun. You have to drive around town picking up and droppin off people, making the best time possible... You could get "powerups" for your car... Kind of EV meets Sim City...
what should happen, is it assigns you a job, futurama style.
Quote:hey should be 1 GAME
If you succeed, we'll all be out of jobs. So, please refrain from doing this! I am just beginning to get into game development "for real" and I'd really dislike it if you made a game that everybody will play forever, and not buy my games! Also, think of all those who will be unemployed! And maybe Blizzard will never make Diablo 3 if you do!
Merlin3E's post looks like spam. Sneaky
I would normally think of spam as selling something, which this isn't. I would recommend that Merlin3E have a quick read of this new gamasutra article
Game Design : Theory & Practice Second Edition : "Not All Game Design Documents Are Created Equal"
Its only 2 pages long and is an easy read.
Spam is basically "message dumping". The message can be anything - advertising, solicitation, useless chatting, annoying ranting and more.

I'm having a hard time believing someone wrote a long text like that for a forum whose members are mainly young amateur video game developers. Also: no profile information + first post = suspicious.

I guess the only way to find out is wait and see if he replies.


blobbo Wrote:oooh, a game that pits you as a cab driver might be fun. You have to drive around town picking up and droppin off people, making the best time possible... You could get "powerups" for your car... Kind of EV meets Sim City...

It's called Crazy Taxi. I have the dreamcast version but I think there are others. It's fun.
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