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Full Version: Advice towards the right direction...
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Hey everyone,
I'm a newbie here, so please bare with me.

After long hours searching for this certain OS X game...I have found nothing.

I would like to create an OS X game of Texas Hold em' Poker, with online Multiplayer capabilities. I have no idea how hard, or simple this task would be. But I was curious if anyone could lead me in the right direction of where to start with this.... as I have no experience with programming whatsoever. I do have quite a bit of knowledge and experience with OS X, and am a fairly quick learner. Hopefully that will help....

And if anyone knows of a game already with this description, please let me know!!

Thanks so much! Smile

I seem to recall more than a couple poker games on the apple store shelves.

In any case, if you have absolutely no programming experience and want to dive right into making games, my suggestion would be to start with something like Macromedia Director or Flash. The learning curve is fairly easy and you can get graphics and sounds moving about with little to no programming knowledge.

If you want to start down the programming path just know that there's a whole lot of ground between knowing no programming and getting even the simplest games running. From a standing start I'd imagine it would take an unexperienced person no less than a year to get some kind of small game working reliably (even the smart ones). If you are very demanding about behavior and performance though, this is probably the least frustrating path.
Maybe start with a solitaire type game? There is a 20+ part tutorial on how to make one using RealBasic at this web site.
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