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Hey everyone, the question just popped into my head. What games inspired (and continue to inspire) you to code/draw/write/do computer stuff?

I would have to say squaresoft's Chrono Trigger, Ares, and Neo Geo's Metal Slug series are the best examples of what I want to see in my games, but there are many more.

Can you list the games that made you want to get into the game development stuff? (even the bad ones that made you think "I can do better than that")
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (the original back on PSX), Halo, Counter-Strike, Everquest, Star Wars: X-wing vs Tie Fighter, and Diablo (1 and 2 with expansion Smile). I guess Driv3r is one of those bad games where I tell myself that I'll do better sometime.
I played Worms years and years ago, and that's what inspired me to start writing games. Only recently have I had the knowledge to actually set about doing it, but that is what got me started in this whole programming thing originally.
The first game that made me say, "I want to make a video game," was this. My dad was telling me about Logo and how it could be used to make games. I decided I wanted to make a clone of Astro Command. Never did get around to doing that.

As for my current inspirations... Gaichu is inspired by Ladybug (obviously) and Final Fantasy X. Ninja vs Pirate is inspired by Zelda: A Link to the Past, Zelda: Wind Waker, and Warcraft 3.


When I realised how much space a single letter took up and then when I realised how many lines of code it would actually take to make Super Mario Brothers... but I'm still more interested on how the heck they made the tutle look so real!
As odd as it may seem, my inspiration to create games usually comes from real world stuff: like puzzle games, comics, movies, etc.. I mostly get inspired by manga/anime.

I very rarely want to do a game based on an existing computer game.
Hmm, I don't know if there was any game that triggered it, I think it was more that when we got our first Mac we also got Hypercard and I played around with that *alot*.
First inspirations were probably playing on a friends NES in the early 90's, and pawing through screenshots in games magazines when the GB was originally released...

Later inspirations have been (in no particular order of their impact): Myth (for atmosphere and plot), Marathon 2/Infinity/Rubicon (again, for atmosphere and plot, and for how to twist an underpowered engine into powering some beautiful levels. I don't particularly care for the first; not a bad game, I just prefer others), Deus Ex (for what you can get away with in a game), Metal Slug 2 (for pure style), Advance Wars (for pure game-play), Tales of Phantasia (again, for what you can get away with in a game.)

:out of breath:
TRS-80 and Apple ][+ and the first fast-twitch arcade games robotron, defender, galaxian, tempest etc... damn Im old.
Picking out of the blue, I'd have to mention the Wing Commander series, Total Annihilation, Monkey Island 1&2, Discworld, Grim Fandango, GTA, Need for Speed, Gran Tourismo, X-Plane, A-10 Attack. There is probably a lot more though, I don't even wanna think of the old arcade classics.
When I realised that the games Ambrosia made were do-able. When I managed to get Tic Tac Toe working. When I realised there was a little money to be made Wink
Manic Miner, Hungry Horace, Through the Wall, Jet Pac and lots of others from about 20 years ago that 99% of the people here would of never heard of.
MegaMan, Super Mario Bros... the original NES games, but mostly Deus Ex.
God, Deus Ex was and is the best game in history. Period.
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