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I have an idea that I think will make a good online game. Unfortunatley, I lack the skill to make it, I just have much of the design for it done.

Working title: The Transylvania Project an Online Game
Background: This takes place in a small village somewhere in Europe around 1200 or 1300 AD. The town is populated mostly by humans, very few vampires 1 per 100 people, and maybe 25-30 beast-people, who live in the forests, the lake, the sewers of this small village. The town is run by the people in-game, as is the economy. For new houses to be built for incoming players, some human needs to be a lumberjack, to cut down wood for the new houses. They run the risk of getting attacked by beasts in the forest. They need food, so fishermen will work the lake. Farms are a problem because they would take up too much land. Humans, besides running government and economy, can take up arms against those suspected of being vampires, or hunting beasts. They need weapons, so someone can run the blacksmith shop. As the human population increases, the 4th faction, makes its appearence, the half vampires. These were from a bad human to vamp transformation, or between the love of a vamp and a human, like if a husband gets turned into a vampire but still loves his human wife...who really knows. But they exist, and their main goal is infiltrate humanity as best as possible, and control the government to make life easier for vampires. THe vampires goals are to stay alive by adding more to their ranks, and eventually conquering the town. The beast people have only one goal, survival. The Humans also have to survive, their goal is to make their little village into a thriving metropolis. I plan to have this game encompass more than 500 years, since Vampires are immortal. This will be accomplished by having the humans just have last names entered, i.e. you are a family of one, so your family somehow keeps going. The humans hate and distrust everyone besides humans. The half vamps like vamps, but do not hate humans. Vamps distrust Half-Vamps, and hate Humans. Beast people, being distant ancestors of Vampires try to aid them a little, but their fear of the outside, away from forests, sewers and lakes, prevent them from granting too much aid. In terms of health points, since there will be combat taking place. THe order of most health to least, to ballance the game a tad, is Beasts, Humans Half Vamps, Vamps. Vamps need to use stealth to survive, Humans get to use all sorts of shiny weapons, Half-Vamps use cunning and smaller weapons, (No thermonuclear grenades for them), and Beasts use brute force with claws and sharp pointy teeth.

Let me know what you think of it so far.


I forgot to mention, I have no programming skill I need help.
Sounds like Blood Omen : Legacy of Kain.
Well I hope this doesn't turn into some other posts at this forum, it seams different.

Once a month someone comes here with an idea to change mac gaming forever, they offer a small % of profits to the programmers and artists, and say they have no skills whatsoever, but they will manage it.

Your idea seams different because you don't ask for 5 other people to do all the work, and you didn't offer them all 10% Rasp.

My advice is if you want to learn to program, start small, maybe in a year try this project, or if you can do art, show it here, and maybe some programmer is interested in helping you.

Good Luck! Grin


Thank you very much. If I get enough interest in this game, and it gets going, I will share all profits equally, probably give more to programmers then what I'll recive because they'll be doing all the work. Unfortunatley, I have very little money as it is right now, so I wont be able to pay anyone for anything. I just need people who believe in the idea as much as I do. I'm currently working on more content for my next post.

I am also working on art. Right now it's just maps, city layout and such, I can sort of draw well.


Curious: Will this be an RPG? Strategy? 1st person?
From your discription it sounds much like an 1st person RPG, much like the new Star Wars game and Blizzards upcoming World Of Warcraft. If so, you will need a large team to proceed with this undertaking. Especially Programmers...
I am willing to work on this project as concept artist/3d designer/programmer, However, my programming skills are PC based.
This game won't work at all.

Make some small, fun games and learn about game design and the skills needed to take projects from start to finish, and after doing that for a few years you'll be able to consider something like this Rasp


It is a 3rd person 3D RPG/Strategy, since you need strategy to be able to fight the other species and to run the town etc. Mostly RPG though. And it should be 3D because it would just look better. But it doesn't have to incredibly good 3d. It'd be nice if you could move around the map and look it at any angle. But I don't think that is feesable for a grass-roots game. One of my colleagues is going to be doing concept work, he should be signing up soon. If not, I'll just post his work. It does appear to me that this will be a gigantic undertaking.

As for David's comment. I've already thought about that. Seeing as how I don't program, I also dont have that much time to learn, I cant be making little games. Maybe I'll just hold on to the idea until I eventually end up working at a big gaming company. But that's not much fun for me now.
coming up with an idea for an online RPG/Strategy is not that hard, though it takes alot of work to implement.
what would be easier to do might be an online arcade/puzzle type game with a simple set of rules.


David if it would help I know C+/C++/Java/ASM/Basic/HTML/DHTML/Flash/3d studio max/ and maya...I think I know what I am doing Smile So I can be of help.

It might help to check out my thread at

so..small games I have done, this will prove interesting.
Quote:Originally posted by lockdown2000
I think I know what [b]I am doing Smile[/b]

Factual inaccuracies galore... I'm disinclined to think you know what you're doing Bored


...perhaps when it comes to my Years it takes, I will agree. Basic skill to learning until you know what to do is correct. You have a better way? Go to college and major in Comp Sci.. that is the way they teach you. Basic--To Whatever you want. I know this because my brother is now done with college and he majored in it.

In any case, I would prefer to not start an argument. I am willing to help him was my point.
Ummmmm....:?: I think OSC does have a degree in computer science....Grin
That's fine. Your apparent inability to distinguish between Java and JavaScript, or HTML/XML and coding, though, is more worrying. That and suggesting people learn ASM...
I think OSC was referring more to things like "Java isn't that different from BASIC, just a few more lines of code here and there" and "Companies like blizzard and ea games or sierra don't hire programmers who know one language", which are both outright false. The point isn't whether you're willing to help, it's whether you're able; creating a 3D online game is an incredibly programming-intensive task, and if you don't realize the challenges involved and don't write well-designed code then you're doomed to fail.
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