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Full Version: Help with Game scene and Game Engine
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Dear gurus,
I am not a game developer but trying to build one in my free time. I have an understanding of objective c but struggling with game scene and game engine.
I tried to research alot but have not got the complete picture from end to end in developing the 2D game design. can some one help me with understanding the sprite programming and designing a game.
Here is the snap shot of the game where a shooter shoots with a gun and hit the target based on the tap and the shooter walks the terrain until he reaches the final destination.
Can any one suggest me where to start and how to design this game and are there any good books or tutorials which can jump start.

thanks in advance
One small step at a time. Figure out how to draw something on the screen, then how to move it in response to user input, then how to animate it, etc. Once you've done a few of these, you should be able to see the learning pattern you need to follow. If you have an understanding of Objective-C and know where to find the appropriate API documentation, you're at a good starting point.
I've done a number of video tutorials on starting 2D game development for the iPhone at the link in my signature. They may help get you started.

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