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Full Version: Good place to start 3D programming
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I have slim to nil expierience with 3D programming. Where would be a good place to start?? I have read some of the OpenGL GLUT documentation that comes with OS X Developer tools but it all seems so 'over my head' so I was just wondering where a good place to start learning would be. I have alot of expierience with the C language and a little in C++. Thanks.


If you want to get into 3D programming easily, the first option I'd say would be to find some GLUT source and an OpenGL book. Since that's out of the picture, you might want to try playing around with POV-Ray ( for a while, since it uses C-style syntax to generate objects and is a fairly solid, freeware raycasting CAD program. Get a handle on shapes, transformations, and textures, then tackle the code.

On the other hand, they don't call programming (and learning) work for nothing.

-"Sta7ic" Matt
I recommend , thats where i'm learning
Thanks guys. I will try both of your suggestions. Im sure it will help me get started on 3D programming.

Thanks Again!
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