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Full Version: Looking for a good 2D sprite library
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I'm looking for a 2d C/C++ library (that runs in Project Builder), preferably crossplatform but that's not the most important thing(I'm lazy, I'de rather convert the PC world that port my software to a PC library) Also maybe something easy to learn, I have never learned a C++ graphics library of any sort Rasp .
Any suggestions?

It would be nice if it had smooth sprite rotation and scaling, speed and the ability to load quicktime format pictures.

(don't you hate it when people ask for miracles Grin )
How about Cocoa Blitz Wink


It works with PB, is high-speed, can load various picture formats from both resources and files, and has both OpenGL/RAVE and software blitting available, which have scaling and rotation. It's mature and many years old, and has good documentation. 3.0 proper should be released in a few weeks, but 3.0b2 is quite stable and will work perfectly fine. It has both a C API and an object-oriented C++ API ( thin wrapper, inline functions so no loss of speed ). There are many examples of use which include readmes explaining how it works.
It's Carbon, so you wouldn't be able to use it with Cocoa without a bit of hacking ( You'd need to create a NSWindow* from the WindowRef, I believe -- see here )
Some documentation for 3.0 is still non-existent
There is a version of SW layered on top of SDL which is under development, it is not complete but it should make porting quite easy when it is!

Here is the information on the latest SW version. You'll need to turn off "Treat warnings as errors" to get it to compile with project builder, but IIRC there aren't any other issues.
Quote:From: Ken Pajala <>
Date: Thu May 29, 2003 5:00:19 PM US/Eastern
To: SpriteWorld Mailing List <>
Subject: SWML: SpriteWorld 3.0 beta 2 available
Finally Smile
Here's the latest SpriteWorld, available in two packages:
And the smaller:
I'm going to second skyhawk's recommendation... Perhaps soon we will have a article/tutorial on using CocoaBlitz. Keep your eyes peeled (or open, should you perfer that).
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