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Full Version: Accumulation Buffer
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I got this from the OpenGL Red Book. It supposedly allows for antialiasing/motion blur and whatnot. However it doesn't seem to work for me.

for(..however many times)
..draw scene at different positions..
glAccum(GL_ACCUM, 1.0/ACSIZE);
glAccum (GL_RETURN, 1.0);

Should that work or is there something I'm missing something?
You probably need to request an accumulation buffer in your pixel format / display flags / whatever.

Accumulation buffers are not hardware-accelerated by any current video cards, so it will be painfully slow even if you can make it work.
3Dfx's "T-buffer" on the Voodoo4 and 5was a hardware-accelerated accumulation buffer, but it never took off.
You were right OneSadCookie. I did need to include AccumSize in my pixel format. It works, but like you said, it is ridiculously scratch that. Thanks anyhow.
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