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Full Version: 360iDev GameJam
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Hello folks!

Well if you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks you might have miss some important news...

They are once again a GameJam at 360iDev which will start on November 9th from 20:00 and will last until the next morning at 08:00am.

But this time they are 2 big surprises, 1st its sponsored by fellow indies developer
360iDev – Game Jam sponsored by you, the iOS Community!

But the biggest news of them all, is that its open to EVERYONE, yes you read this right, no need to attend or be at 360iDev to do so.

You can register at the official site :

Follow what is being said on twitter about it with the following tags :

Still not so sure if you should participate or not, well I suggest to read the blog I wrote yesterday that give an overview of what this event is all about
360iDev GameJam

Looking forward to see many of you participate in this fun and crazy event now at his 3rd edition.
This is it folks!

Today is the day for the GameJam

The them has also been officially announced :

"Change The World"

You can interpret this as any way you want.

Looking forward to see what people will come up with this them.
When you will arrange next contest?
This is a real-world conference-specific event. Will need to wait until the next 360idev conference dates are announced.
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