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Full Version: Mini fun Contest
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Hey all,
I'm working on a project for a class where I get to make a game in a few weeks, and I was chatting in IRC about it. I figured I would turn it into a mini-contest ( now until December 5th (variable if requested)), that's goal is to make a game or finish an existing game project by that deadline. It's nothing too serious, just for fun but I figured I'd share the word if anyone else was feeling like joining in. It's just no-pressure way to get motivated to finish a game. Post if you feel like joining!
When: Now until December 5th
Why: Why not
Prizes: Bragging rights.

Current Entrants:
EvolPenguin (Mystical Spatula Relic: The Narcoleptic Octopus Scandal)
OneSadCookie (Squeak)

Look, a mouse! (Intel, Leopard)
I have bouncing tiles on a screen:
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