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Full Version: Apps for game design?
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Can anyone tell me any good apps for a game designer? Thank you
For game designing, I unfortunately don't know too much. My advice would be make some games, see what makes them good, then discover what works best for you for design.
If you are learning game development, this is a great thread to get started: . Personally, I learned with a language called TNT Basic, which is a free language based on BASIC that is designed for game programming. There are some simple tutorials that go through the basics of Pong and Tron. Unfortunately, the progress on it has lapsed a bit, but it's still a great learning language. Go to, download the IDE, try running a few of the tutorials. If you have any questions, you can post them here or in their forums (though I'd advise here).
Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. They should have an app that should let you right scripts or something then be able to send it to your computer or something. That would be pretty cool and helpful.
Do you mean for the iPad or some other mobile device? If so, check out this link:
Edit: The first one on there, should allow you to edit code on your iPad and transfer it to and from your computer.

I have an iPhone 3 gs and I'm interested in game design, web design, and ive been trying to find apps that would atleast let me be able to to some of the work on the go
* Excel or Numbers
* Omnigraffle
* A solid text editor that supports syntax highlighting in a variety of scripting languages (textmate, subethaedit, komodo edit)
* Pixelmator or some other equivalent for basic art.

Game Designing: Getting your ideas across.
Here's a screenshot of my killer app:
The magic portable design tool!

Once I'm past the idea level, Acorn+Art Text help me make some crappy icons and buttons, GarageBand and lots of noise-related software instruments can make sound effects.Scrivener is becoming increasingly useful for organising a very complex idea.
what type of game are you building?

I'm a firm believer of diving into the ice cold water first before getting that lifejacket.
Visit this link where you will see some good information.
I've made a small iPhone app with the purpose of getting game ideas down when you're on the go.


It's not anything advanced, basically it let's you outline the main parts of your idea along with some quick drafts. I made it for my own purpose and am using it regularly (especially when commuting) Smile
You mean you want to design games on your phone? I don't know how well that would work out
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