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Full Version: Project Messiah 3D modeler gong incredibly cheap
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Hi Guys,

You probably haven't heard of Project Messiah (I hadn't) but it appears to be a very powerful 3D modelling/animation/rendering program. It has two versions which normally sell for $499 and $1199. Except at the moment they are temporarily reduced to $10 and $40 respectively.
Even without having played with it, that much of a discount was enough to get my attention, so I thought there might be a few more people around here who'd want to have a look at it while the offer lasts. They haven't stated a closing time for the offer, except that once they get enough buyers they will close it. The progress bar has moved by about 40% in the last three days so there might not be long left if you're interested. Arguably, it's overkill for making game models (except that at that price, it is currently about the cheapest 3D software around that isn't free).
Anyway, I've decided to give it a shot, and I thought that one or two other iDGers might be interested, so here's the link:
looks awesome, wish I could justify buying it Rasp
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