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Full Version: facebook page for my app?
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I'm thinking that instead of building a website for my app, I should just make a facebook page.
Any input on my idea?
Yeah, that's a good idea. We try to use facebook to engage our users. It's good because it allows you to promote the game a bit through users's friends.

As for replacing a website, sure. You'll still need some reasonable hosting for game files and downloads, but it'll probably save a lot of web design time.
Andy, doesn't Apple the app store ...erm store... my application files?
Wait so if you made a facebook page for your app website, is it okay to use that facebook page as the url for your app when your submitting it through itunesconnect? So on the appstore the link will direct you to a facebook page? If so, that would be very handy and useful, it would be much easier than a website and could also help with publicity.
Aerospaceman, I wasn't assuming you were selling your program on the App Store. In that case, you are probably fine.

Mattonaise: That's all up to Apple, but I'd give it a try. The worst they can do is reject it
I decided to have both a FB product page and a web page on my site, and they would link to each other.
yes it's good thing,

But as par my knowledge website makes good impression on customer mind.

so create site is best idea!
Facebook still is a powerful ad tool, giving you visibility and the chance to interact with users. Creating a FB page is a great idea! Don't forget to promote your page on groups and all Smile

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