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Full Version: will I be able to submit to the App store from OSX 10.5?
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I am developing on an older Macbook running OSX 10.5 and an older version of XCode.
The system requirements on the Apple page say OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.
Will I still be able to submit my app?
No, you need a newish version of XCode in order to sign your app to send it off.
cool I ordered the 10.6 upgrade. I'm probably also going to upgrade the RAM from 512MB to 1GB.
Any other tips for making my first generation Macbook run faster?
1GB is probably not enough for SL with integrated graphics, even on a 32-bit machine. Check if it can take 2GB.
RAM is about the only thing you can do. 1GB would work ok. I mean it would boot and you could run Xcode, but more would definitely be better.
I dunno if I'm gonna reach 1 GB, I think I'll have to replace one of the 256MB chips with the 512 I just ordered.
Xcode by iteself works fine, but any multitasking kills it right now.
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