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Full Version: Newbie question.
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Well, I'm a newbie to Ipad dev anyway Smile After 12 years as a designer/artist for PC/Console games, I'm going it alone using an Elance coder and pretty much doing everything else myself. I appreciate any input you all may have!

So, I've designed an accelerometer-based based game and am ready to move forward. My question is, I have a 64gb wifi Ipad but should I get an Ipad2 as well to insure compatibility? I assume optimizing for 1st gen will ensure a smooth running game on the Ipad2, but I figured it would be wise to ask.

I'm really excited to create my first non-corporate game. My wife has been a homeschool teacher for 15 years, and together we have come up with some great designs that educate, but are all about solid game play. Kids aren't stupid when it comes to "edu-games" and they know a crap design when they play one. Hopefully ours will have all the fun AND educate at the same time.
Especially if you're just now starting out with iOS development, I wouldn't bother going for an iPad 2. Anything that you write for the iPad should work fine on the iPad 2, and if it runs smoothly there I don't foresee any issues with it running on the newer device.
Yep, making it work on iPad will make it work really well on iPad 2 Smile

iPad 2 is faster in every way. Keeping the resolution the same was a smart choice. Since they both support OpenGL ES 2.0, you won't run into any incompatibilities if you use any of those advanced features. If anybody knows different, do chime in!
That's good news. I'm a little out of my league after being a PC developer all my life, so I do appreciate the input.
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