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Full Version: Liman textures vol.3 "Ancient Architecture"
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Hello artists!

We are happy to announce the release of our brand new texture collection.

[Image: textures_vol3_AncientArchitecture.jpg]

[Image: about_this_collection.jpg]
Textures vol.3 "Ancient Architecture" is a collection of high resolution images of seamlessly tileable textures. As its name describes this texture collection is dedicated to ancient architecture. Among these textures you will find a rich variety of stone masonries, many ancient surfaces of granite, limestone and marble in combination of old wood. All textures have been crafted from original photography and made seamlessly tileable by hand. Especially for this collection all the photo material was made in the ancient towns of Messemvria, Apolonia, Anhialo and Agatopol. All textures are crafted in a way to not constantly bring repeating details to the user's attention when tiled.

[Image: textures_vol3_contains.jpg]
100 individual color images, hand crafted from 100% original photography. Each texture has its own unique normal and specular maps comprising of exactly 300 texture maps.

[Image: vol3_diffuse_bump_normal_specular.jpg]

- a rich variety of stone masonries in combination of wood:
[Image: tex_vol3_masonries.jpg]

- ancient stone surfaces:
[Image: tex_vol3_stones.jpg]

- granite, limestone, brickworks::
[Image: tex_vol3_brickworks.jpg]

... and many others.

Product page:

We wish you a happy development!
Nice stuff!

A quick note, there are some preview links on the page that don't work:
(May 5, 2011 06:33 AM)AndyKorth Wrote: [ -> ]Nice stuff!

A quick note, there are some preview links on the page that don't work:

Thanks, Andy.

In fact that link is the button image. You have to click on that image at the product's page to load the sample image. For instance clicking on the first sample of the page (041_diffuse) leads to
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