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Full Version: Arg Appe approved but not on release list
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I made sure to set my date in future on submission and move it up to the day after review finished. I dont see my app on new releases though. Whats stranger is on my touch I see different apps on new releases then I do on my phone. Both are 3.0. Also I just looked on itunes via the computer app and I see my game at the top of the list along with some other games that are not showing up in the device.... Bizar

Anyone have any clues? After all this work its so frustrating to be missing my window here on the new releases list.

P.S the app is named Sub Hunt please let me know if you see it.
I see Sub Hunt in the Action/Release Date section. You are the third App in the list! Probably getting lots of sales at the moment. Though, it looks like the All Games/Release Date section is a day behind for some reason .... looks like Aug 4 for those games. Makes you wonder if each section of the store has to update before that list updates. (?)

Be careful with keywords too. They are picky about them being separated by commas and you can only set them once per binary upload.

Create some promo codes and get the url, then send it to some of the promotional sites. They like promoting things when its a fresh release I think...

Good luck!
Yep, I'm seeing #3 in Action sorted by release date in iTunes in both US and UK stores. You'll often find the release date apps are about a day behind. And yes, they often seem to be on different update times in the App Store on a device. Good luck kendric!
Thanks guys, its showing now. Not sure what was going on this morning. For anyone who helped me during the process, just email at and I can get a promo code for you!
Well day 1 went smoothly after the initial scare. First day sales figures seemed pretty good but I have no idea what is normal. In the US Market I nabbed about 150 buyers. Anyone have any idea how that stacks up? Now I am slipping down the release list so until some reviews generate traffic I imagine its downhill for a while.
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