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Full Version: Newbie Question: Making a multiplayer collectible card game
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Hello everyone, I am leading a project to start a small game company. Our first goal is to develop a CCG (collectible card game) for ioS and HTML5 and/or flash. Think Magic the Gathering, Shadow Era (a popular CCG for those platforms), etc. Multiplayer support for the game might exist at launch, but most likely we would add multiplayer in later. This is because our tentative plan at this time is to make a single-player game of high quality first, work out any balance issues, build a player base, and then try to attract investors and hire a larger staff before taking the game multiplayer.

I would do the programming for the game myself. I am competent in C++ and Lua, but not extremely skilled or experienced. For example, all I ever did with Lua was create Addon programs for World of Warcraft. In C++ I used to run a MUD (text-based roleplaying game), where I made only portions of the code. So while I am capable and intend to learn more, I can't just sit down and start making the game as I am now.

As a CCG, our game would have unique rules, and would not require a physics engine or 3D graphics. I've seen a lot of different game engines referenced on this site. Can anyone recommend some that I should look into for making this kind of game? Or have any other advice that they would like to give me? Thank you Smile
My friend and I have created a card game unique in rules and everything! I would love to give it to you. It is a turn based game with two opponents battling each other. If you are interested, let me know and it's yours.
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