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Full Version: Oddity's uDG Entry
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Before I go crazy with gameplay and the like, I figured that I should get something out there to see if the game will run on most people's computers. This is what I have so far:

Untitled uDG Game Here (3.1 MB)

Mouse to look, WASD to accelerate, Space to brake. CMD-Q to quit Wink

Let me know if it runs, if it gets noticeably choppy, etc...

And don't worry, it's all temporary!
Well, it runs and does… something. I haven't yet figured out what's going on. WASD does nothing. It's like i'm in the very bottom of a pit and can't move. I can't tell which way is up, and pointing and WASDing in any direction doesn't change anything.

Edit: I quit it and restarted and now I can tell that I fell onto a surface, and I initially was able to control moving a tiny bit, but then nothing. There's some kind of force preventing me from moving. Maybe it's the black snow pummeling me in the face?

Take 3: okay, if you brake while falling, then you can WASD over to somewhere else while you fall, but it seems that as soon as I touch the ground it's not possible to move.
Oh god they're everywhere.

Well it runs. Not choppily. Not much more to say, if it's all temp. Rasp
The black blobs surrounding you should prevent you from moving, if movement can't happen when they aren't surrounding you, then that's a problem. Acceleration also takes some time as well.
Added a missile (Left Mouse Button), an explosion, and the start of taking damage when one of the the blobs touches you. Nothing really interesting, but for those who absolutely feel like trying it out Build 2 (2.7 MB)
If it isn't entirely obvious by now, I dropped out. :'( I have school taking up too much time and other projects to work on.
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