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Full Version: How to loop different images using SOIL.h for OpenGL in c++?
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Good day. Anyone knows how to load different image using SOIL for OpenGL in c++??? Thanks.
5 seconds of googling finds the SOIL website, which includes usage instructions. Is there something you're trying to do that the given example doesn't show you?
Well, I like to load multiple images using SOIL.H but I got only the last image.
In what sense? You're calling SOIL_load_OGL_texture twice with different image files, and both of the returned texture IDs draw the second image? Are you passing SOIL_CREATE_NEW_ID as the third parameter both times?

If you post the relevant code and a more detailed description of what's happening, it'll be easier to help. I'm having to make a lot of guesses.
yap, I'm passing SOIL_CREATE_NEW_ID actually i need to get all the images in a xml(I'm done with it) then load all the images in a soil.
repeated epic question fail
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