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Full Version: Double Fine Adventure Game
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Double Fine is starting a Kickstarter to fund a point-and-click adventure game since publishers think the genre is dead. In less then half a day they already raised more than their goal and if they raise enough extra money they will also make the game work on Mac and IOS. Plus they are going to have a camera rolling throughout the process so that everyone can see how they make the game. Check it!
"return"? they left?

I suppose there was 9 years between 2000's and 2009's Monkey Island installments...
I didn't really realize they'd left either. I've played a couple in the last few years, Machinarium was probably the best of the lot.
I don't really count re-releases of older games, and I hadn't really noticed any of the indie point-and-click adventure games. I forgot about Machinarium, I got a copy from a Humble Bundle but have yet to try it.
if you enjoy point and click adventure games, give the new back to the future games a try
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