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Full Version: Sites/blogs to follow and clubs to join?
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I am working on my first game, and I was wondering if there are some must read sites/blogs for indie game developers, and what about clubs? Do you guys join a local club or are there like a world club to join or both, and what should I expect in those clubs?

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The TIGSource forums are a treasure trove of useful stuff. Other than that, I get most of my information from Twitter. Here are some interesting people to follow: @necrosofty @tylerglaiel @mwegner @kylepulver @mossmouth @MattThorson @terrycavanagh @MPSouleye

Also, come to GDC if you can!
Any communities to join to discuss game style/content and what not?

What about indie game contests, are there some that are "better" than others or some to steer away from?
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