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Full Version: Rocket hub or Kick starter???
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hi people!

My small game studio is about to publish it's first game (in few months) and me and my couleges are wondering which fundraising community to use. Does anyone have any expirience (positive or negative)?Should we use both and make smaller campaign goal's or pick one???
That's a good question. After personally not making the fund-raising goal for Star Saver it made me think twice about setting a more appropriate amount of money to try to raise. However, when it comes down to it, if you have an audience, a catchy idea that strikes the right chords and you can get a strong base of people to be willing to support you, you'll hit your goal. It's all timing and getting the word out (aka marketing). If you want to be successful with your fund-raising goals, just don't shoot too high.
This fascinating article was linked to by Daring Fireball a couple of weeks ago:

the bottom line is that setting a low minimum threshold for success seems to be key.
That is interesting. The link back to the original article with some stats is dinky, so here's that:
Personally, I would recommend neither. Out of desperation for getting finances for my music at all, I started a campaign on Indiegogo. You don't have to worry about setting up an Amazon Payments system that will likely be used for nothing else *glances at Kickstarter*; all money transactions are made through PayPal.
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