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Full Version: Cheap Game Development
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Hello all-

I'm offering to develop your iPhone games for cheap. We are a new team, so we need to start building a portfolio of games. We are planning on releasing a website soon, a long with a couple different games to the App Store.
We use the GameSalad Engine to program games and will create all the code and graphics for you. We usually price games between $50-$1000 including all graphics, sounds, music, and code.

We are open to a revenue sharing deal, as long as the games are for the most part basic. For the revenue sharing deal, you need to provide any advanced graphics needed or cover the cost of getting those graphics.
Let me know if you are interested.

Do you have any kind of portfolio currently? Wouldn't need to be games-related, just wondering what your follow through has been on previous coding projects you've pursued.
I haven't personally done any programming, but have designed several apps on the App Store. I helped design all of Naber Industries apps.

This is a chance for me to get into the gaming industry. While getting some experience, I might as well earn a little money and helping create games for others. That said, I'm mainly in it for the fun, but the money justifies my time spent and covers cost. That's part of the reason why I am interested in rev share deals.

i'll keep everyone updated on when I release my first self created game and build on that.
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