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Full Version: Newb question.
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Okay so I have this idea and I am just wondering if anyone thinks it plausible.

I have been pretty interested in this kickstarter site. I like how it functions, and I started thinking. I was wondering if freelancers in the business would be interested in working on a project in that capacity. looking for opinions, does anyone think it possible that freelancers might work for pay received through kickstarter? The funding from kickstarter would include their pay. Or is this plan too unstable for freelancers? (Im not used to working with freelancers, is why I ask)

I am used to paying for projects out of pocket, this one is just way too big to do so, so let me know what you think.
Well, writing as a freelancer I prefer it to be guaranteed that I'm going to be paid Wink

Why not pay, as you put it, out of your own pocket for the development of a polished prototype of the project, and then try to raise funding through Kickstarter using that prototype as proof that you have collaborators willing and able to develop the full project?
Thanks for the reply, and for the advice.

If I had the money for a larger project like this I would just pay for it, In the past I have worked with one two two man group to get projects done, but it was on a personal level I don't think they really qualify as freelancers. I wanted something for me, so I paid them to make it for my personal use and no one else's.

This is a much larger project and is not going to be so inexpensive, besides with a successful campaign on kickstarter, I could afford to pay a freelancer what he really deserves. I do hate to negotiate with hard working people.

My theory here is, and tell me how you feel about this. With kickstarters all or nothing funding rule. If I don't get all the funding, the contributors get their money back, and neither me nor the freelancer has lost anything except maybe a little time.

So I guess what I am saying sealfin is that, it is a guarantee that you will be paid (For your work)
If the funding does not come, than you just don't do the work.

Again thanks, let me know what you think.
Sorry, I misinterpreted what you'd written - I originally interpreted what you'd written as meaning that the freelancer would be working on the project concurrently with you trying to raise capital through Kickstarter to pay them not just for the work they would do, but for the work they were doing and had done; if that isn't the case, and the freelancer would only begin work on the project on the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, I don't see why any freelancer wouldn't agree to be paid with capital raised through Kickstarter Wink
Yeah It was a pretty shoddy explanation. At any rate, I just wanted to know if they would be a part of that, they get paid for their work, but some might move on to other possible jobs rather than take the time to prepare for something that might not end up funded. Anyway again I appreciate the feedback and thank you profusely. Smile
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