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Full Version: DPI and Resolution for Graphics
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Hi all,

Does DPI/PPI matter when creating graphics in photoshop? I've looked around and some people say they use 72 and then others say:

iPhone3 320x480 163 ppi
iPhone4 640×960 326 ppi
iPhone4S 640×960 326 ppi
iPad 1024x768 132 ppi
iPad2 1024x768 132 ppi
iPad (3gen) 2048x1536 264 ppi

Changing the dpi on your graphics files will only make a difference if you print the images out. Otherwise you are always seeing the graphics at the resolution of the screen you are viewing them on. In the end the only real way to know how the graphics will look is to put them on a device.
Thanks, is there an easy way to view your graphics on a device while creating art?
Actually, they haven't yet added Retina support, so
(Apr 19, 2012 10:30 AM)SethWillits Wrote: [ -> ]Actually, they haven't yet added Retina support, so

Nice, I think my cousin who is doing the art has a PC... pretty sweet that it even works with windows!
There is much so confusion regarding PPI... PPI is a number that does not serve to (almost) nothing.

Its only function is to define the size (in inches) that an image is printed, and even that is useless because all printing programs can change the print size...

Obviously one file at a low resolution printed on a large sheet will be ugly, but that's because the image resolution, not because the PPI.
"does not serve to nothing"

holy double negative batman Smile

Sorry, I'm brazilian, and on our country the term "não serve pra nada" (does not serve to nothing) is very common. Just language vices...
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