Starbase Orion: 4X Space Strategy for iOS

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Yeah, this is why I didn't have time for uDG this year! Starbase Orion took up all of my free time this past year.

[Image: appstore.gif]

Explore. Expand. Exterminate. Can you defeat your friends and become the ruler of the galaxy?

Starbase Orion is an old-school 4X space strategy game that draws inspiration from titles such as Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations. Lead your empire from the birth of its space age in Starbase Orion. Colonize new worlds, explore new horizons, and discover other players attempting to do the same. It is a race to the stars where only one empire can declare victory over the galaxy.

Strong Single-Player Experience

Compete against a battle-tested artificial intelligence. Our AI was derived from our entry into to 2010 Google AI contest, where it placed in the top 15% of thousands of competing intelligences. Go head-to-head against a single AI opponent, or ramp up the carnage with a 4 way free-for-all.

GameCenter Multiplayer Turn-Based Games

Starbase Orion was designed to provide a fantastic multiplayer experience. Launch the game, sign into GameCenter, and start a new multiplayer game. Play your turn, and you will be automatically matched to another player when someone else decides to play. No need to coordinate play times, seek out other players. Just go play, when you want and on your terms.

iCloud Support

Starbase Orion is built from the ground up for iOS 5. It supports iCloud so that your saved games are instantly available on all of your devices. Start a game at home on your iPad, then pick it up again the next day on your iPhone. Simple, streamlined, fantastic.

Universal - You bought the cool gadgets, go play on them.

Full support for iPad, iPhone, iPod, standard and Retina displays. Play when you want, where you want.

Choose Your Race, Or Create Your Own

There are five uniques races included; Human, Draske, Vass, Cyban, and Isather. You can also create your own custom race by picking and choosing between different race characteristics.

Intense Space Combat

Design your ships from a variety of weapons, hull, and systems. Send them into battle against the enemy. Give them orders, then watch the battle in unfold as they duke it out in the dark expanses of space.
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Looks fantastic! Not sure when I'll actually play it but I bought it anyway. I'll get around to it eventually...

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Ooh nice, a 4X space game.. I've been hankering for one for a while.. althoguh iOS games aren't my usual preference I'll try to remember to give this a shot.

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excited to play this as well Smile
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Lovely. Please release to the Mac. I want to play it!
In those opening shots, are they rendered or in-game?


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Now I have you to blame for my productivity issues... I was a total sucker for Master of Orion and now you've done it better on the phone.

Do you want bug reports?

Overall, nicely done!
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(Oct 14, 2011 05:20 AM)Carlos Camacho Wrote:  Lovely. Please release to the Mac. I want to play it!
In those opening shots, are they rendered or in-game?

The teaser trailer is post-produced using the same assets from the game.

(Oct 17, 2011 03:38 PM)GoodDoug Wrote:  Do you want bug reports?

Finally, a victim of my own success Ninja

You can post bug reports on the SO forums:

The Whipping Post has all of the planned bug fixes for the next two updates. You can browse them to see if your issue has already been reported.

v1.0.3 has been with Apple since Saturday, so the first round of fixes should be out this week.
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I found this game without this thread last week. I just Googled for "Master of Orion iOS." A few clicks later I was buying the game. A few days after that, I looked at the info screen and went "Holy crap! Rocco!"

I've dumped a few hours into it so far and have some feedback that I'll leave on your forum. Great work!

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