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Chipmunk Physics 6.1 - Skorche - May 24, 2012 12:19 PM

[Image: upshot_ACD.png]

Some of the big new features include:
  • Approximate convex decomposition (Pro only)
  • ChipmunkMultiGrab enhancements (Pro only)
  • Threaded solver (Pro only)
  • Convex hull generation
  • Nearest point queries
  • Block based iterators

For more information, check out the preview blog post we made or watch the "What's New" videos below.

Full change list:
  • API: Added a pthread based, multi-threaded solver to accelerate the game on multi-core systems. (Pro only)
  • API: Added cpConvexHull() and CP_CONVEX_HULL() for generating convex hulls.
  • API: Added cpPolylineConvexDecomposition_BETA() to generate an approximate concave decomposition of a polyline. (Pro only)
  • API: Added [ChipmunkPolyline toConvexHull:] to generate approximate convex hulls. (Pro only).
  • API: Added [ChipmunkPolylineSet toConvexHulls_BETA:]. (Pro only)
  • API: Added nearest point queries.
  • API: Added a push mode to ChipmunkMultiGrab so touches can interact with the scene even if they didn't initially touch a shape. (Pro only)
  • API: Added optional block based iterators.
  • API: Added a space property to cpBody, cpShape and cpConstraint types.
  • BUG: Fixed an issue with changing the floating point and vector type on OS X.
  • BUG: Fixed a pixel offset in ChipmunkImageSampler that could cause minor sampling artifacts. (Pro only)
  • BUG: Fixed an issue where cpShape and cpConstraint structs could have garbage space pointers if cpcalloc() was redefined.
  • BUG: Fixed assertions in cpArbiter getters to correctly reflect a contact count of 0 from separate() callbacks.
  • BUG: Fixed a regression relating to registering post-step() callbacks from other post-step() callbacks.
  • BUG: Fixed a minor memory leak for sleeping bodies when destroying a space.
  • MISC: Point queries are now deprecated in preference to point queries.
  • MISC: cpSpatialIndexPointQuery() was redundant and has been removed. Use cpSpatialIndexQuery() instead.
  • MISC: cpShape*Query() functions now accept a NULL info pointer if you don't want detailed query info.
  • MISC: The enableContactGraph property of cpSpace is deprecated and always be true.
  • MISC: Added a new demos of the convex hull functions and a self balancing Unicycle.



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