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Simple Network Game - jpiabrantes - May 2, 2014 04:06 AM

I want to know what's the best way to incorporate challenges in my game.
The challenges I am talking about are the ones used in apps like QuizUp and Stampede:

A user chooses a friend to challenge. He then plays the game (one time) and only after he finishes the game his friend will receive the challenge. The friend will be then presented with the game and he has one shot to make a better score, if he does that he wins the challenge otherwise, he looses.

To my understanding game center challenges don't work in this way. On game center challenges you can challenge a friend with any previous score you made and not only with the score you made right after you challenged your friend.

Should I then use the game center turn based game?

Should I use a server of my own and handle the notifications and communications by myself?

If I use game center is probably easier to implement however it will be harder to communicate between iOs devices and android and it's probably harder to challenge facebook friends instead of game center friends.

If I use a server of my own I could probably add more features like keeping a score between number of challenges won and lost between friends, seeing a ghost of the challenger performance during the challenge, etc..
What's your opinion ?