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Hi-Tech Interface Pack / 2D vector elements - CGcube - Aug 24, 2014 08:51 AM

Hi Everyone,

I've recently uploaded new project to GraphicRiver and I think it might be interesting for some game developers.
This is quite big pack of more than 555 vector objects (or groups of objects) for creating hi-tech interfaces and sc-fi HUD's.
There are 11 Adobe Illustrator actions - helpful for those, who want to build new vector elements and 10 Layer Styles for objects imported to Adobe Photoshop. There is a video tutorial also - with some tips & tricks.

And some examples:

[Image: HiTechPack_Preview_zps99df8ad9.jpg]
[Image: 14_preview_zps10f70227.jpg]
[Image: 03_preview_zps1fa4fa94.jpg]
[Image: 07_preview_zps3151456d.jpg]
[Image: 08_preview_zps05d4f068.jpg]
[Image: 16_preview_zpsfb58df6e.jpg]
[Image: 02_preview_zpsb4e81c9d.jpg]