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[BETA] Shifumi 6 - Feedback needed - BenoitFreslon - Jan 24, 2015 03:33 AM

Hello the iDevGames community!

Here my first post. I would like to introduce myself in few words.

I’m Benoit Freslon, I'm French and I developed a lot of Flash games since 2008. Most of my games are awarded and played Million times.

Today I need you help but to improve my last indie game.

[Image: icon.png]

I’m looking for testers and feedbacks.
I’m working on my last mobile game: Shifumi 6.
It’s a mix between 2048 and Ruzzle but it’s not 2048 or Ruzzle.

If you want to try out the iOS or Android beta version send me your email address by PM or by email:
Or you can play the Unity beta version:

You have to drag your finger on items to create long chains of Rocks, Papers and Scissors but always in the logic order:
Rock > Paper > Scissors > Rock > Paper > etc.
The Rock beats the Scissors, the Scissors beats the Paper and the Paper beats the Rock.
By creating a chain with 3 items at least you will create a new item with
Only items with the same value can be linked.
Try to make a Shifumi 6.

Thank you guys!