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2D Platformer: The Adventures of Tacheman LIVE DEMO - Wiremuch - Jan 28, 2015 09:56 AM

We are excited to announce our new game coming out soon!

It's simple and fun 2D platformer where you help Tacheman and his friends save the residents of Motopolis from the dastardly King Togaph and his plans to steal all moustaches! The game will be free on mobile devices (iOS and android).

Check out the gameplay trailer here:

We will be updating with more videos and screenshots in the near future, as well as updates on the development process.

We will also be needing beta testers for iOS soon so if you are interested let me know by PM or sign up to our site at:

RE: The Adventures of Tacheman - Wiremuch - Feb 3, 2015 10:22 AM

Here are a few screenshots. Still tweaking the game UI as we tweak the gameplay. Currently deliberating on the collectables.

[Image: UIdesign_zpsn4cepyan.jpg]

[Image: UIdesign2_zpsibxjfq1e.jpg]

[Image: UIdesign3_zpssjwgeahj.png]

RE: The Adventures of Tacheman - EvolPenguin - Feb 3, 2015 08:39 PM

I love the stache, and I don't know why. I feel like it should change color/styles if you pick up different moustaches.


RE: The Adventures of Tacheman - Wiremuch - Feb 4, 2015 04:44 AM

Haha there is a strange quality about the tache. Yeah that was something we were discussing but we do have other characters of varying colour and moustache styles so can't really have both.

RE: The Adventures of Tacheman - liquidminduk - Feb 19, 2015 10:25 PM

nice visual aesthesic, i'll be keeping an eye on your progress!

RE: The Adventures of Tacheman - Wiremuch - Apr 17, 2015 08:52 AM


Here's an update to the progress. We've made some changes to the mechanics which we feel will serve better for the gameplay overall.

Instead of having three different kinds of moustache coins to collect there are now only two collectables, a gold coin and the black moustache. Collecting the black moustache gives Tacheman the ability to shoot his tache ammo.

The reason for this is we thought that the three moustache coins were a bit confusing and felt like they were power ups instead of just being collectables.

[Image: tachecOincollect_zpsce0yyvc3.gif]

There are a variety of different enemies, some can be jumped on to destroy, whilst others are immune to this and can only be killed with death by tache. Some are fast, requiring your quick reflexes, some fly, some follow you round and some shoot at you.

The harder enemies can take a couple of hits from tache ammo, which stuns them at first before being destroyed outright.

[Image: stunenemy_zpsefgzcrb8.gif]

The Golem enemy has now been promoted to be a boss and the boss level is well under way. More updates on that soon! For now here's a sneak peak:

[Image: UIdesignBoss3_zpsxrmocpoy.png]

From early testing it seems that people find it harder than they expected (which is good), and a good few deaths tend to happen early on. There is a mixture of classic platform mechanics and puzzles to solve in order to get to new areas and better goodies!

There are also multiple routes in the levels adding a degree of replay value in exploring the world, as well as three other characters each with their own unique abilities! (two have been cut for now and may be added in a future update post game release.)

[Image: allCharacters2_zps01equrdp.gif]

If I am to be brutally honest this has been a rather peculiar project to work on. This wasn't the game we were intent on making when we first got our hands on Unity3D, it was just a test to get to grips with a new engine. But this little experiment grew, and just kept growing and somehow, that little marshmellow looking thing with a moustache fought it's way to become a game in it's own right.

Development has slowed down at the moment with half our team pulled away to other projects (long story) but hopefully the extra time will make count in making this game as could as it can be!

If you have any thoughts, I'm all ears! If you want to beta test the game, message me. There will be many more updates to come!

New additions - Wiremuch - May 12, 2015 04:56 AM

One thing we're tried to do is to have a bit of fun with the death animations - instead of just the same one for everything, we're trying out context specific death animations. For e.g

[Image: TachemanBurnt_zpsysc7pw4g.gif]

Throughout the game we've been trying to add some interactivity with the environment e.g:

[Image: 2_zpsdwa4s6dv.jpg]

Here's a victim of King Onetooth sharing their views on him with Tacheman who replies with his own answer.

We're also working on expanding the gameplay of the levels, so adding more platform puzzles, more secret areas and more collectables.

The new bowler hat collectable- a few of each are scattered throughout each level and their accessibility depends on which character you are using. Areas of the maps can only be found via certain characters abilities.

[Image: 1_zpsjozos1yv.jpg]

[Image: 3_zps2mnqno4h.jpg]

RE: 2D Platformer: The Adventures of Tacheman LIVE DEMO - Wiremuch - Jun 22, 2015 05:33 AM

We have decided to put a live browser hosted demo of the first two levels here: We're looking to get some feedback from the wider community, so any comments are very welcome!