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Feedbacks requested on Moto Joe - 3magicshots - Feb 16, 2015 01:19 PM

Hello Everyone,

We are indie developers and would love to hear feedbacks from the experts here on our new game's trailer.

MotoJoe's Youtube trailer:

Thanks for checking the post out.

3MS Team

RE: Feedbacks requested on Moto Joe - liquidminduk - Feb 19, 2015 10:10 PM

looks good for a trailer,
If there are other elements to gameplay, it might be cool to show a few of them.

As an app store video be sure it's below 30 seconds (right now it's 31) yes, even one second over is bad haha

My bad, you're at 30 seconds, no problem then

RE: Feedbacks requested on Moto Joe - 3magicshots - Mar 8, 2015 03:11 PM

[Image: MotoJoeV2PreviewIcon.png]

We recently launched Moto Joe on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and received quite a bit of flak from the reviewers over how the idea is right but the execution somehow went haywire.

Owing to the feedback of theirs and the users of Moto Joe, We went back to the drawing board and have re-built the entire gameplay from scratch. We also took some time to create tons of content for you guys and would like you guys to have a preview of it / provide additional feedback if possible.

[Image: videopreviewribbon.png]

YouTube Link
[Image: screenspreviewribbon.png]

[Image: screen1v2.png]

[Image: screen2v2.png]

[Image: screen3v2.png]

[Image: screen4v2.png]

[Image: screen5v2.png]

Click Here For Old Version App Store Link

[Image: updatedetailsribbon.png]

Update include tons of content including
Garage to change Bikes, choose between a cruiser, vintage, futuristic bike or the almighty Bad Pod!
A cool new shield powerup that gives you an extra life to chase your dream highscore.
Re-built the gameplay from scratch making it awesome and precise.
Changed the game dynamics to make it more fun

Would love to hear what you guys think about it... have wrapped up most of the stuff mentioned above so it should come out soon Smile