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[Beta] Endless Sky - space trading and combat game - zahni - Apr 24, 2015 02:22 PM

This is a free, open source game similar to the classic Escape Velocity trilogy. You start out in a small, wimpy ship and can earn money to upgrade to a better one by trading commodities, completing missions, or plundering or capturing other ships. You can either treat this like a sandbox game or play through a story line, which takes about 8-16 hours to complete. For more details (including a gameplay video and more screenshots), see the website or the manual.

The game is feature-complete, but I'm looking for more beta testers to iron out any remaining usability or compatibility issues before making an official "stable" release. Anyone interested in contributing new content is also welcome! The wiki includes documentation on how to create ships, missions, etc.

Downloads are available here. Requires OpenGL 3.0 or higher, and should work on OS X 10.7 or higher. Retina graphics are supported - ships, projectiles, and text all render at retina resolution, but some elements of the UI do not.

[Image: small.jpg]