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RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Dec 19, 2015 04:39 PM

We only have a short update this week. Last weekend, we took a stab at creating an online multiplayer first-person shooter for the Ludum Dare game jam (a game-making marathon that lasts 72-hours). If you haven’t seen it already, our new PC/Mac/Linux game,, is a fun 2-player experiment where each player can hack the controls of the other player, disabling up to two buttons.
[Image: hackSourceNet4-609x342.png]
In the meantime, there’s only a few minor updates with Not a Clone: basically our entire team are enjoying their holidays. There is, however, one new feature in works. Called “inverted mode,” the instructions of a couple of minigames may randomly change to something opposite of the originally intended instruction. For example, in a Totemman minigame, the instructions will change from “Slap!” to “Die!” As one would expect, the intended solution to this minigame would be to figure out how to kill your poor character within the time limit. Obviously, there will be a lot of setup necessary for this new mode, such as keeping track of how many times the player won the minigame before allowing inverted mode, or providing a visual indicator for more experienced players. More updates will be coming in the near-future about this neat feature.

Happy holidays to everyone!

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Jan 9, 2016 02:21 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

After a messy game jam and the relaxing holidays, we’re back and working hard to make Not a Clone the best mobile game about mobile games. There has been a lot of tweaks since the last update, so let’s list a couple. First and most notable is inverted objectives: in certain games, the objectives will occasionally change to something else, usually the opposite of the usual instructions. For example, here’s what normally happens to Flappy Sombrero when the sombrero hits a cactus:

[Image: ObjectiveNormal1.gif?resize=577%2C768]

With inverted objectives, however, the instructions changes. Instead of flying between the cactus, the sombrero is supposed to fly into it. To make the difference more clearer, we’ve also inverted the colors of the objectives, making it easier to recognize when the objectives has changed.

[Image: ObjectiveInverted2.gif?resize=577%2C768]

We’re still in the middle of working on this new mode, so stay tuned!

Speaking of staying in tune, last update, we’ve mentioned that Challenge mode was being implemented, and that certain details may change. One significant change is that you no longer lose a life if you fail the Challenge. As a consequence of this, we’re planning on making Challenge games a lot harder.

There’s also a few updates we’ve made to the opening of the game. First, the loading screen now shows different quips each time you open the game. Second, the number of icons that appears within the first few frames of opening the game now reflects the number of games you have unlocked. For example, the first time you play the game, you have 15 icons visible on the screen:

[Image: StartScreenApps.png?resize=577%2C768]

Lastly, the start screen now has a rolling label below the start button. It changes every couple of seconds to display a new information:

[Image: StartScreenRollingText.gif?resize=577%2C768]

Lastly, we’re going to leave with a mystery concept art our artist put together. Can you guess what it could be?

[Image: Bicyclabult.png?resize=609%2C614]

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Jan 16, 2016 04:59 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

We have a pretty short update this week. We hinted last week that Astra Wijaya was working on updating the graphics for a mystery minigame. Turns out, it’s Canabiker!

[Image: Canabiker3.gif?resize=577,768]

Not only did he get Canabiker done, Canabot is complete as well:

[Image: Canabot.gif?resize=577,768]

We also mentioned in our last post that Inverse Mode was in mid-process. We just finished this week, and plan on finishing Challenge Mode next.

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Jan 23, 2016 03:49 PM

That's right, we have a booth for MAGFest Indie Videogame Show (MIVS) at the National Harbor! This is an exciting milestone to us, and we definitely hope to see you there!

For this week's Not a Clone update, we finally finished Challenge Mode we've been talking about last week:

As detailed earlier, Challenge Mode is a mode that occurs after reaching a certain score. For one game, you'll have to play through its 3 difficulty levels back-to-back within 10 seconds. The reward for succeeding in this minigame is either a score increase of 4 points, or gaining back one life. Failing results in...nothing, actually. You just lose the opportunity get the score boost or life up. Consider it a freebie!

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Feb 13, 2016 01:19 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

In preparation for MAGFest, wonderful artist Astra Wijaya put together some amazing stickers, pins and cards for our booth!

[Image: IMG_0676-2.jpg?resize=609%2C457]

We’ve also decided on a tentative release quarter for the game as well: spring this year! As with all estimates, this can change depending on unforeseen circumstances, but it does mean we’re rapidly approaching release. We hope you look forward to it!

Here are some more close-ups on the MAGFest perks, by the way. Hope to see you there next week!

[Image: IMG_0678.jpg?resize=609%2C457]

[Image: IMG_0677-e1455388548994-609x812.jpg?resize=609%2C812]

[Image: IMG_0679-2.jpg?resize=609%2C457]

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Feb 27, 2016 03:49 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

Hello, everyone! We're back from MAGFest 2016!
[Image: IMG_0706-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0683-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0681-150x150.jpg]
The reception has been incredible, and we want to thank everyone who visited and played our game. As it turns out, our survey revealed that everyone loved Not a Clone. Everyone answered they wanted to play it again, and the grand majority indicated they'd rate the game 5 out of 5 or 4 out of 5.

[Image: IMG_0705-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0698-e1456190584438-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0700-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0701-150x150.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0704-150x150.jpg]
Now that we're back from MAGFest, we're working hard to finish the game. The good news is that we only have a few months of work left before we release. In the meantime, though, our artist is working on fleshing out the graphics for our Cookie Clicker clone microgames. Check it out:

[Image: clicker-1.png?resize=609%2C654]

[Image: clicker-2.png?resize=519%2C1024]

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Mar 5, 2016 02:29 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

Last week, we shown a sketch of a few clicker microgames. We just finished integrating them into the game, and they’ll take the place of Box Clicker, posted back in August last year. Many thanks to Astra Wijaya for putting the graphics together.

[Image: Flower-Clicker3.gif?resize=576%2C768]

So how does one play Flower Clicker or Phone Clicker. Simply tap the screen by exactly the number of times noted by the instructions. Be careful, though: if you tap too many times, you may lose your screen!

[Image: Phone-Clicker4.gif?resize=576%2C768]

In other news, Taro Omiya has been very busy writing up an academic article for Game on Games on the G|A|M|E Journal. The full details of the development process for Not a Clone may be coming soon!

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Mar 26, 2016 08:47 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

Apologize for the lack of updates for a few weeks. Many of us are recovering from the exhausting trip at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), so this week’s update is a small work-in-progress idea we’ve been bouncing around. Born from our writer, Robert Denner, the loading screen has been updated to look like a messenger application, where your friend introduces you to Not a Clone store.  Here’s a rough sketch below:

[Image: NewLoadingScreen.png?resize=511%2C766]

Obviously, we have a lot of work to do on improving this screen, but it does mean we now have a progressing story in our game. In other news, Taro Omiya has been working hard on integrating leaderboards into the game, while Astra Wijaya and Chase Bethea has been adding new assets into the game. We may start a Twitch stream soon in regards to our development process, now that we think of it...

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Apr 2, 2016 12:34 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

This week’s Not a Clone update is by Astra Wijaya, who put these beautiful spritesheets together for the next pair of microgames. We’ll be implementing these graphics live on Twitch at Tuesday, 3:00 PM EST, channel So stay tuned!

[Image: BunNinja.png?resize=609%2C609]

[Image: BombNinja.png?resize=609%2C463]

In the meantime, the leaderboard integration for iOS Taro Omiya was implementing is now complete. We’ll be working on Android next, though as noted earlier, will only be supported on Android version 4.0 or higher.

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Apr 23, 2016 10:38 AM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

As hinted in our last post, we've finally updated our old Gem Ninja microgame — which used placeholder assets — to Bomb Ninja and Bun Ninja. Some of you may note the latter was integrated into the game during a Twitch stream.

[Image: Bomb-Ninja.gif?resize=576%2C768]

[Image: Bun-Ninja.gif?resize=576%2C768]

Similar to the old game, Kittens and Spices will act as things-not-to-slice in each game:

[Image: Bomb-Ninja-Fail.gif?resize=576%2C768]

[Image: Bun-Ninja-Fail.gif?resize=576%2C768]

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

Last weekend, we participated in the Ludum Dare 35, and released a new PC/Mac/Linux game during the game jam! We will be busy handling Ludum Dare-related business for the next two weeks, but we do have a few updates on Not a Clone. As usual, Astra Wijaya put together a few sketches for the next set of microgames we'll be working on:

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_21.48.01_.png?...=438%2C660]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-04-13_at_14.30.30_.png?...=530%2C528]

What will these microgames be? Tune in next week to find out!

In the meantime, here's a GIF of Pushing Buttons in its final form:

[Image: pushingButtons.gif?resize=424%2C752]

The Not a Clone Update to Unlock All Secrets - OmiyaGames - May 2, 2016 11:44 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

Our weekly live-stream continued last Tuesday (April 26th, 3:00 PM EDT) with a completion of Unlock, the handy puzzle micro-game about moving a key out of its keyhole. The end result? We've successfully integrated Astra Wijaya's artwork to a thrilling tale of thievery:

[Image: unlock.gif?resize=424%2C752]

For those interested, our stream's highlight is available here: This still leaves one more sketch from last week's Not a Clone post, which will be the highlight of this Tuesday's 3:00 PM EDT stream ( That said, we still have more new sketches!

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-04-28_at_21.21.23_.png?...=429%2C979]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016-04-29_at_11.05.27_.png?...=330%2C731]

Not a Clone Update: Make Me Happy - OmiyaGames - May 7, 2016 08:55 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

After some technical difficulties with our weekly live-stream last Tuesday (May 3rd, 3:00 PM EDT), we’ve successfully integrated Astra Wijaya’s artwork to the comical animal caring simulator, Make Me Happy. Or is it a complimenting-a-classmate simulator? You decide!

[Image: Make-Me-Happy-success.gif?resize=424,752]

Such a romantic micro-game wouldn’t be complete without any heartbreaks! Fortunately, we deliver on that front, too:

[Image: Make-Me-Happy-fail-2.gif?resize=424,752]

As always, our stream’s highlight is available here: Next Tuesday’s 3:00 PM EDT stream (at will cover one of the last two sketches we’ve posted so stay tuned!

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - May 15, 2016 11:04 AM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

We have a short Not a Clone update this week. We finished integrating Astra Wijaya’s artwork for Ridiculous Rockets last Tuesday (May 10th, 3:00 PM EDT) in our weekly live-stream:

[Image: Ridiculous-Rockets-1.gif?resize=424,752]

As always, our stream’s highlight is available here:

Next Tuesday’s 3:00 PM EDT stream (at will cover the last microgame that needs art integration before release! The rest of the stream will focus on adding the last few left-over features in the game.

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - May 28, 2016 01:18 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

While we had to skip the update last week due to some life-related reasons, we're back with some new information about Not a Clone! First, the great news: we'll be uploading a demo version of the game very soon. This will provide a sneak-peek at what's in store for the full version. The full version of the game, meanwhile, still needs a few more polishes (mainly bug fixes) and an occasional feature or two.

For this week, we've successfully integrated Astra Wijaya's artwork to Ridiculous Piñatas. Those who watched our stream might recall the large number of problems we had with this microgame, but rest assured it's been fixed as proven by the clip below:

[Image: RidiculousPinatas2.gif?resize=432,768]

Also new to a game is a new unlockable: the lucky coin. Every once-in-a-while, a coin will appear in the menu that transitions from one minigame to the other. Tapping on it provides more money to spend in the shop later.

[Image: Coin3.gif?resize=432,768]

We will NOT be streaming next week, as we'll be busy putting together finishing polishes to the demo build. Still, stay tuned!

RE: Not a Clone: a satire on the mobile game market - OmiyaGames - Jun 1, 2016 11:36 PM

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games]

After a ton of updates and teasing, we’re proud to announce that the demo version for Not a Clone is out right now! You can find our free demo (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) in these web portals below: Note that a web version is in the works as well.

[Image: FlappySombreroBig2.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: BunsNinjaBig3.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: RidiculousPinatasBig2.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: MakeMeHappyBig3.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: LightTilesBig.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: 8Big4.gif?resize=225%2C300][Image: Shop.png?resize=225%2C300][Image: Homescreen.png?resize=225%2C300][Image: StartScreen.png?resize=225%2C300]

What is Not a Clone, you ask? Here’s the full game description:
Quote:What if you were given a backdoor pass to a site filled with the hottest mobile games currently climbing the charts? What if just by playing the games well enough, you were able to earn money to buy even more games? Would you jump at the chance or just let it pass?

Not A Clone is a frantic exercise in quick-thinking and even quicker responding. Featuring over two dozen original and parody mini-games, you must play through them one after another, chaining your successes into the highest score possible for possible fame and prizes. Beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards! Earn Zeni to purchase more games!

You have five seconds to get through each mini-game that is thrown at you by following the instructions that appear on the screen. The further you go, the harder it gets. How long will you last before your device runs out of power? Will you earn enough to unlock your next challenge? Will you know which games are being parodies and which games are not a clone?
We’re still hard at work putting together the final release for the game, but we’re confident in the game’s current state to present to you a good taste at what is coming up. Let us know what you think!