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Music Production for your Unique Project - Elements - Jul 2, 2015 04:33 AM

Hello Game Developer fellows

We are Elements! a Music Production company for Games, Film and Media. We are currently looking for new challenges and projects.

We are driven by thinking outside the box, in order to capture the musical colour you are looking for you project. Each project is unique and has its own musical flavour, we like collaborate with our clients in order to achieve our shared goals.

Below you will find links to our Sound Cloud and website.

We thank you in advance, we are looking forward to collab with you guys.


Elements Music ProductionNinja

RE: Music Production for your Unique Project - Elements - Mar 8, 2016 08:50 AM


Thanks for the information, Where can I see the details of this training you mention? I live in Mexico now, so I am guessing if this can be an online training

Hello Game Developers

I wanted to share with you that my website is ready. You will find playlist of different genres (Game music, Film music and Media music) and also I upload albums that are free to download on bandcamp. There is song album I released on 2012 and an instrumental album released on January 1st 2016. Links below.

Hope you enjoy, have a great week.